Cinimex Integration Framework was included in the Russian software unified register

Cinimex Integration Framework, software developed by Cinimex company, was included in the Russian computer programs and databases unified register. 

Cinimex Integration Framework is designed to develop integration applications that automate electronic documents exchanging process between automated systems. 

The program’s functional capabilities include: implementation of data exchange transport protocols, conversion of protocols and electronic document management (EDM) protocols (XML, JSON, CSV and other text, binary and industry formats).

Cinimex Integration Framework allows to manage the electronic document management process (routing, mailing, filtering, aggregation, enrichment and arbitrary algorithmic processing), to monitor the electronic document exchange processes health and performance, to log audit events and ED processing, to manage ED storage processes in database management systems.  

Cinimex specialists implemented the software based on their experience gained in various open-source frameworks projects for clients. Developers used Java as a programming language.  

Cinimex Integration Framework development was carried out in accordance with all the requirements for including software in the registry. The software should be developed by a Russian company with exclusive rights to a composite work with licensed components with source codes and the right to modify and distribute; borrowed open-source components; and own developments. 

Software technological independence and information protection are the key condition for inclusion in the registry (availability of complete source codes in Russia, local development and assembly infrastructure, local specialists, R&D and technical support; data leaks control, cracking resistance, the improvement possibility and products certification according to the FSTEC, FSB, etc. requirements). 

“Cinimex Integration Framework inclusion in the domestic software registry opens up new opportunities for us and our regular customers. Financial institutions and banks, the oil and gas sector, industry and telecommunications are increasingly looking towards import substitution. Our solution allows us to meet the emerging needs of the IT services market”, - commented Cinimex CEO Andrei Sykulev. 

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29 November 2019 | News